Hugo C. Verhoeven, M.D.

Private Medical Center for Endocrinology, Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine and Preventive Medicine

Dear Patients,

The pursuit of happiness and health is deeply rooted in human nature. For many people, the desire to have a child of their own is an indispensable part of this pursuit. For this reason infertility treatment is one of the central services offered by the Center, which covers the entire spectrum of modern reproductive medicine.

Satisfying the desire to have a child is not diametrically opposed to the pursuit of personal well-being. To the contrary: attaining a balance between our everyday responsibilities and the pleasure we take in well-being and our own appearance are important components of happiness and contentment. My patients can benefit from my intensive experience in preventive and anti-aging medicine, a field of medicine aimed at fostering health and vitality in all age groups. Furthermore, the Center offers a comprehensive range of services in conventional gynecology.